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No longer have galleries or post layout options

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Masonic Galleries No Longer An Option:

Hi all, I was using DMS on an eCommerce site today with masonic galleries and now both my masonic galleries and post layout options are gone from my menu. I've never had them go missing before and I have the latest version of DMS. 

Any idea why these are missing for me now? 


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Can you provide a link to the site in question and also a screenshot of your missing options please.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • JudithKlinger
      By JudithKlinger+
      I've searched thru threads, but I'm still struggling with post layout. 
      With Pagelines, I was able to set up this sort of post layout: http://www.issue01.w-edigest.org/go-fish/
      I was able to position the author photo/link, title, date, text etc. 
      I tried using Loops, with only one post and I can't seem to break apart or position those meta elements. 
      Perhaps someone has found a plugin that might help? 
    • yaerproductions
      By yaerproductions
      Is there a way to customize what metadata is displayed by PostPins?
      I am using PostPins on DMS. I've added the PostPins section to my page, and can view all of my posts. When I go to edit the section, I can edit a couple items, like the width and spacing. I cannot select which metadata items to include.
      I would like to be able to turn on/off the following items:
      Post Title
      Excerpt/First 25 words (don't care what this is as a default, I basically just want this off)
      Post Date/Time
      Can this be done by modifying the PostPins code?
      On a somewhat related note, I've been really dismayed by the lack of post display options in DMS. I selected PostPins because it gave me the best visual on posts, but I am disappointed in its lack of customizability, which is the main thing I expect from DMS. The standard post layout is really boring, and most of the post layouts that are for sale in the store are exactly the same thing. I hope Pagelines and other developers work on this, because the blog functionality of Wordpress is what's great about it... the ability to add new content in ONE place, and not have to keep going back to edit your pages to make sure it shows up correctly
      I know DMS and Pagelines have always had boxes and sliders and banners that look AMAZING, but they're not a great user interface. They make it even harder for people who are trying to build pages for clients, and want to be able to give them a system they can use easily, especially from their phones.