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Sections blank/default after database change

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OK, so I've been having some issues with WP Engine, mutlisite, and Pagelines DMS2. I searched the forums, and the closest thing (that didn't exactly work) was this: http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/38307-wp-engine-server-migration-copy-installation-problem/?hl=database


To make a long story short, when I created my staging site, the Site and Home URL were messed up (it was adding "www." to the beginning). After fixing that issue in the DB with a find and replace (using the same interconnectit tool in the above forum post), all the sections are suddenly blank. I can't figure out why... All I did was replace www.[stagingsite].wpengine.com with [stagingsite].wpengine.com. The first one was wrong, so if anything I would have expected to have problems with that one...


Any ideas? Here's the staging site:



Here's the live site:


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I got a very helpful reply from WP Engine that may help troubleshooting:


Hey Julian,

Thanks for the update. When you reach out to them, mention that the issue is likely related to full server path URL's getting saved for the hrefs that pull static assets from your filesystem. For example:


Whereas, all that's needed is /wp-content/...

This is what I've been seeing in this theme's code, along with some other themes. I'm not sure what the reasoning behind it is but it not only causes issues moving to staging but also for webmasters that move from one host to another. Particularly because each host has it's own server path to the sites root doc.

It's best to just make static assets coded as basic URI's, not a hard coded URL or server path.

  1. Good: <img href="/wp-content/themes/awesome_theme/assets/logo.png" />
  2. Bad <img href="/nas/wp/www/cluster-2810/drwright/wp-content/themes/awesome_theme/assets/logo.png" />
  3. Bad <img href="http://naturesoriginalmedicine.com/wp-content/themes/awesome_theme/assets/logo.png" />

If you look in your database, inside wp_options, option_id 336, the option_name theme_mods_drwright, inside the option_value you'll see there are instances of #2 and #3 and the assets should all be coded like #1

I don't see any reason to ever use #2 in the code of a website and #3 should only be used when the assets are loaded off of a separate site.

I'll put this ticket on hold, if you need help getting staging to look accurate I can help but I would need to be able to overwrite the staging database. Please let me know how I can help.

Thank you for choosing WP Engine 

Mike Hale

WordPress Mechanic

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It looks like for some reason the actual data in the database was destroyed, is there something that can trigger pagelines to drop data from the postmeta table? My assumption is that the postmeta "pl-settings" record is what holds the data for each page or post, is that correct? Comparing the live to the staging one, the staging one is actually empty, where I was assuming there was probably some link that was messed up that was causing this. So... what's going on? Why is this happening?


I'll leave up the staging site for now, but I'll need a fresh one soon, so any help before that would be appreciated!

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As far as I am aware there is no way for DMS to drop tables. However, I will need to speak to our developers and have them review your issue.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks. For the record, it didn't drop the tables, but it did erase the content that used to be in the section records. Hope that makes sense...

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