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    • richardjacruz
      By richardjacruz+
      I'm building a site at:
      and I followed the instructions on building a "branding" area in the header:
      But, if you see the image I've attached, you'll see that there's a lot of space between the nav and the slider. Is this something I need to control with CSS in the Custom code section, or is there something else I can do that's part of the header section?

      Actually, what would also be nice is if I could put a divider line there... like an orange or a light gray.
    • jagipson
      By jagipson+
      I am curious. I added a Full width Map Section to my site. I was doing some research and I found this site https://snazzymaps.com/ where you can add javascript to your google maps. How can I added this code to change my map styles with your product?
      [     {         "featureType": "administrative",         "elementType": "labels.text.fill",         "stylers": [             {                 "color": "#444444"             }         ]     },     {         "featureType": "landscape",         "elementType": "all",         "stylers": [             {                 "color": "#f2f2f2"             }         ]     },     {         "featureType": "poi",         "elementType": "all",         "stylers": [             {                 "visibility": "off"             }         ]     },     {         "featureType": "road",         "elementType": "all",         "stylers": [             {                 "saturation": -100             },             {                 "lightness": 45             }         ]     },     {         "featureType": "road.highway",         "elementType": "all",         "stylers": [             {                 "visibility": "simplified"             }         ]     },     {         "featureType": "road.arterial",         "elementType": "labels.icon",         "stylers": [             {                 "visibility": "off"             }         ]     },     {         "featureType": "transit",         "elementType": "all",         "stylers": [             {                 "visibility": "off"             }         ]     },     {         "featureType": "water",         "elementType": "all",         "stylers": [             {                 "color": "#3c7a95"             },             {                 "visibility": "on"             }         ]     } ]
    • ea/
      By ea/+
      [attachment=2539:Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.06.57 PM.png]
      Hi Enrique,
      SITE: http://www.dev.legacyfamilyoffice.ca
      I love your theme overall, and am really happy with how the site is starting to come together. However, I do have a question about how to change the speed at which the Testimonials slider is rotating. I'd like to slow it down, maybe by one or two seconds, but I won't know until I experiment with it. 
      How do I do this?
    • kulmetehan
      By kulmetehan
      Hi guys,
      Does anyone have an idea on how to style the Mobile/Responsive menu? Currently when I visit the website on a mobile phone I get the three barred menu option on the top right side of the website. When I click this, a menu slides in. It's a dark black menu with grey/white letters. I would like to edit this in to the websites theme/colors etc.
      Any idea on how I can do this?
    • Claude203
      By Claude203
      I just got this add-on section and have a (probably) really dumb question: How/where does one set up the actual testimonials? And then, how are those linked to the Section? There appears to be nothing in the Section edit area that specifies this.
      Thank you.