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Brandon Riley

Trouble with Team Page

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Brandon Riley



I have had lots of trouble trying to get this team page to work http://www.lead222.com/coacheslead222/


The current plugin I have now would freeze if I installed more than 20 or so people into one gallery. I have had to install multiple instances and now the problem is if I need to add or delete someone they get out of order. My other problem is now I am not even able to edit the page. When I go into the visual editor the page crashes so I can't edit.


I have thought about just using a standard photo gallery, however after trying more than 10 photo galleries none of them worked. I found galleries that would upload photos but then they wouldn't be able to sort. I found galleries that could sort but then wouldn't allow a caption.  


Any help would be much appreciated. It seems like these team pages are fine if you have 20 people but horrible if you have 100 like I do. 





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If you want maximum flexibility and control - and to avoid issues you've mentioned - I'd recommend creating a custom post type (for, say, profiles or biographies) and adding some custom fields for the information you want to display.


You could output the information (pictures, names, email, etc) on a page via a custom WordPress archive or a totally custom WordPress loop.


There are a couple of different tools/plugins you can use to do this: LoopBuddy (ithemes.com) and WP Toolset (wp-types.com) come to mind.


I've used the latter extensively and have to say that it is one of the best investments I've ever made.


You could be up and running with a page identical/superior to the one you referenced above in about 10 minutes using WP Toolset.

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