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Local Page Layout Overrides Other Pages

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I'm having some trouble understanding how to use the Page Layouts; I want to create a single landing page which does not include navigation or any content from other pages. However, whenever I use the Landing Page template (which is not attached to any other page in the site), and I set the Page Setup to Local, all of the changes I make to the navigation, header, footer, etc., continue to propagate throughout the entire rest of the site. What am I doing wrong? I've already now wasted hours having to rebuild areas for the rest of the site, so I'm a little hesitant to make any more changes.


On a side note, this area of PageLines really could use some work, both in terms of documentation and in terms of UI/UX. It's a pretty reasonable assumption for a user to make to create a new template, set it to Local, and expect that those changes would not impact the rest of the site. 

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If you use any sections in the Fixed, Header or Footer regions, they will be displayed on all pages. This is be cause they're global regions and therefore are universal through your website. If you want to create a landing page, you will need to use the hide sections option, via the DMS Pro Tools plugin.

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