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Mike Becker

How to customize PL Signup Plugin beyond its current capabilities

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Mike Becker



So the PL Signup Up Plugin is cool, but how do we get it to do more than it does now...for instance.


Right now, the plugin:

  1. takes emails,
  2. sends them to Mailchimp
  3. and than shows success message.

How do we get it to:

  1. take emails and possibly first name,
  2. send to Mailchimp and/or Aweber and/or Infusionsoft,
  3. and redirect to a different URL vs the success message (MOST IMPORTANT ONE).

Thanks ahead,



Mike Becker 



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Hi Mike,


Unfortunately, to achieve what you want to achieve isn't possible out of the box with PL Signup and would require customisation. This isn't something we can assist with, but you're more than welcome to do this customisation yourself.

However, if you want an advanced signup form, I would highly recommend you check out GravityForms, it has a number of add-ons that will allow you to do what you mention above and then some.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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