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Change font for Standard Title

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Looking to be able to change the font of the Standard Title text in the Header/Highlight section.


See screen shot


Also, if I leave Highlight Header text and Highlight Subheader text blank, I get default text "Here's to the crazy ones..." appearing so I have to put a single space in the header and subheader text boxes to make that go away.



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Hey There,


The "Standard Title" is an option that's available on every section.  You don't have to use it.  If the section you're using (like highlight or textbox) already has a title field, you can use that and it's probably a better option.  If it's a placement issue, then I understand.  As far as stylizing it, you'll need to create some CSS in order to do that.  


1.  Create a custom class with your CSS that changes the font-family, font-size, color, etc. for your title (make sure you're using a font that's available or that you've uploaded and linked to using CSS).  Like the following:

.your-custom-class-name {
font-family: "Comic Sans", sans-serif;
font-size: 42px;
color: #aabbcc;

2.  In your 'standard title' area use a span tag wrapper with the class attribute to assign the custom class you created to your title text.  It would look like the following:

<span class="your-custom-class-name">Standard Title</span>

Once you've done that your standard title will take on the look and feel you've created.  And the cool thing is, you can reuse that span class= thing pretty much anywhere and it will change the text to match your specific style.


Good luck!

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Excellent, thank you for your time.

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