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Facebook not showing, down to Facebook page?

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The Like box is for pages, not personal profiles.

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thought that was why it was blank. Thanks MrFent†

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    • Bleuy
      By Bleuy+
      Hi Chris
      I have just purchased your product above and have installed it (following your instructions) on my website http://sportsgallerie.wpengine.com/.  I have put a joke size image on there to see why it won't work as its not sizing my image accordingly, its keeping it the same size as the default.
      I have set it up in Site Settings
      Also on the fixed header on the DMS (and have removed this too)
      But it doesn't seem to work!
      Help please?  Clearly its something I am doing wrong on the grounds that no one else seems to have experienced this issue!
    • camaran
      By camaran
      twitter all in one use Transients API for cache and performance?
    • ade55
      By ade55
      Just installed this and can only get the header to appear in the popup.
      I've tried plain text in the body or selecting a page to show its content but only ever get 1 line of header
      see here for example.
      press push me button to activate popup
    • GOTO11
      By GOTO11
      Hi Chris,
      Just bought your quictags plugin but i find it very confusing. First of all i can not find the panel where you can hide tags. But more importantly i do not understand how most of the shortcodes work cause they do not show anything. The pageline site has removed the page which you had a link on your promotion page. So where do i start? 
      Thank you
    • nadielp
      By nadielp+
      Hi Chris,
      I love the section, thanks.
      I have a client who needs to have the icons larger and would like the social icons to appear darker.
      Can you let me know what the custom CSS would look like to make those changes?
      The site in question is http://mofischer.com/