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WooCommerce 2.3 is breaking the shop and access to the DMS Bar

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The latest update of WooCommerce seems to be breaking the display of the shop.It's also not allowing me to access the DMS bar because the pages don't load.


The DMS bar works when I de-activate the plugin. 


My site is at www.go2group.com


Any help would be appreciated.



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Cool site!
Have you reverted? Because the shop page loads for me.

I was able to successfully add a product to a cart.


On my local dev site the WC update has caused no issues yet.

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2.3.1 just arrived now too.

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Thanks Dario. 


I have reverted to for the time being. I just notice 2.3.2 is out as well.


I'm probably going to hold out a little longer before I hit the update button.

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Strange, we have 2.3.2 running on our staging site and I was able to place an order with the editor open even, with no errors or warnings in the console.


We cant help you debug the issue unfortunately as you didn't make a note of any javascript/php error.


Updating an ecommerce solution on the day of a major release is dancing with the devil anyway, we wont be upgrading PageLines store for at least 2 weeks to allow the woocommerce plugin authors to get their act together and update.

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This scared me when I saw the email as I looked at all sites to ensure it LOOKED ok (I had 13 client sites that I updated to the new version) but when I logged in to them, the editors all loaded fine and I was able to walk through the order process.  I did have to download Woocommerce Customizer color plugin or something...never heard of that one but could definitely be another plugin that is now conflicting with Woocommerce and causing DMS to act up.

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I upgraded today and the site broke when I added the colour plugin, which I read on another post here won't work anyway on DMS which is a shame. Once I deactived the website was returned to normal - although with a few changes, mainly coliur related because we can't access the colour plugin.

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