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Single Bits Update Problems

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Hi Ellen,

I've got Single Bits 1.05 running on one live site and on four, local test sites.


I see that 1.06 is out. Trouble is, I do not see the update availability on a consistent basis.

Sometimes it shows in the update available area, other times not. This occurs across the sites listed above.



I ran the update on one of my dev sites and all was fine. It was a different site than the live one. I.e., not a clone.


Then I ran it on the live site and two things happened:

  1. All the single posts went away
  2. The backend of the site still showed 1.05 as a version number

I tried copying over the updated plugin file with an actual, older 1.05 but had the same result.


In the end I had to restore from a BackupBuddy backup.


Tomorrow, I'll update the local clone and see what happens.




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As I recall, when I went to the front end in order to replace the SingleBits sections, they did not exist in my sections area.


On the local dev site I got a notification this morning, from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6.

Immediately after clicking update now, I was told that my version was the latest.


Logging out and in again, I tried once more and succeeded. All seems fine afterwards.


Though I'm nervous, I'll try the live site once more.

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After trying to update the live version using the normal, WP plugin page update area,  it failed again.

So I took a different approach, which has been unnecessary for any other plugin updates.


  1. Deactivate CloudFlare
  2. Purge CloudFlare cache
  3. Enable no cache mode on the DMS side
  4. Purge cache for WP-Rocket
  5. Delete the single bits folder, via the server
  6. Upload the single bits 1.06 folder to the site via FTP
  7. Refresh the browser
  8. Success!

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