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Updated Singlebits today and has caused issue with website

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Hi Ellen, 


Just updated the singlebits plugin i have from you. Unfortunitily it has caused an error/issue with my website, Can yuo take a look at my problem please?


Any way to revert back to the old version while it wait for some answers?


Basically, i updated to the latest version. Then when i went back to the frontend editor i have noticed that the width of my page was pushed out to 100%?


The website width had been set to around 90% previously, but now it wont stay there when changed.


If i set the width of the website back from 100% to 90%, click publish and then refresh the page the website reverts back to 100% width again.


It happened after i did the update for singlebits. If i disable singlebits plugin and refresh a page looking at frontend editor the page width stays the same 90%, if i enable singlebits and refresh the page looking at frontend editor the page width reverts back to 100%.


Ive used single bits to replace the native canvas for pretty much every page/section on the website so a lot of work removing it and replacing back to original canvas. If i can revert back to old version ill happiliy do that for now.


Thanks for your time, Ben.


(if you want access to the website let me know)

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OK, seems to have sorted itself out now Ellen. Sorry about that. 


Dont know how its ok now, and wasnt for the last 45 mins. Ive not changed or added plugins to have effected it!


Good thing is it seems to be ok now.



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onlinedesigns4u That is strange. Sometimes when I have odd things like that happen I clear my browser cache in Chrome Preferences, frustrating but glad it worked out quickly!





Ellen Moore

Pagelines Developer

www.elsue.com www.betterdms.com

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Yeah, not sure what it was about to be honest. Im pretty sure it was the update that caused it because after disabling the plugin the problem was gone and the page width remained the same. When it was activated and the page was refreshed the website width reverted back to 100% each time.


Cheers Ellen

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