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Basic Pageline Compatibility Questions

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Hello I do have some questions before considering buying your product:

1. Is it possible to use other themes than your legacy themes with your framework?
2. Are there any theme resources webpages where we can find themes optimized for your framework or are there only those 5 themes plus those 4 child themes you sell from your own shop?
3. How good is your system working with http://wpmegamenu.com?Are there any known issues?
Thanks for your help.

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HI Sascha,


I have responded to your email regarding the same questions. In future, if you ask the question on the forums, please refrain from asking the same question on our helpdesk too.


1. DMS is not a plugin and therefore, can not be used with legacy themes such as Platform Pro or PageLines Framework. If you wish to use DMS, you need to use DMS and enable it as your active theme. Only then can use DMS features and functionality.


2. All themes that are compatible with DMS are available from our store. However, there are several Core Themes such as iBlogPro 6, PinsPro, WhiteHouse Pro 6 and Bespoke that do not require you to purchase DMS, as those these are built ontop of DMS. There are also several child themes for DMS, which require you to purchase DMS before you can use them.


3. The developer of UberMenu aka Chris, kindly developed a section that is available on our store which you can use alongside the UberMenu plugin to add UberMenu anywhere to your site via DMS drag and drop. However, as UberMenu has recently been updated, I am unaware if this has changes the situation with the section and plugin not being compatible. 

Please search our forums, before posting!

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