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HOVER - how can I use more than 9 boxes at once?

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Hey James,


Love Hover, it's perfect for my business site but just wondering how I can use more than 9 boxes at once? See how it seems not to format correctly when I add 10 or more...




Also like to know the recommended size for background images too :) I've been going for 500x500... is it possible to set the image to center rather than top align do you think? Or is that dependent on each boxes hover-over style?






edit - fyi I don't have your theme, just using the standalone Hover product uploaded to DMS2...

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Argh I figured it out, I'd used the wrong PS template for a few of the images so they were a different size. Opps!


Not to worry :)

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      I'm using Hover and would like to know how to disable it for mobile devices. This below is what I am using (with custom styling class "hover-box") but the Hover section still appears. Thank you.
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      My goal here is to have a 100% transparent box with a 2px white outline and the header showing, and that's it.  Then it behaves like normal with showing the content.
      Another question I have is: How do I know what a good image size is to use for this section?

      On your site you have a beautiful 3x3 layout of your staff with no spacing in between what so ever, each having a unique animation. How was that accomplished? Was special padding customizations used?
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