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Link Button Doesn't Show

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I have put a url in the appropriate box in Grandstand and chosen the style of button I want to show, but the button does not show.  What am I missing?  Are there settings somewhere other than the Grandstand edit section?

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Sorry, I misunderstand where the button is supposed to show up.  I didn't realize there would be an entirely separate popup window with that information on it.  Thanks. :wacko:

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      I recently took over the maintenance of a site that is/was somewhat broken.  Initially, when I tried to login to the wp-admin backend, the Dashboard a blank page or a page not found would occur after authenticating.  After setting debug on and tracking down the issue, the problem had to do with a corrupt PageLines extension called GrandStand.  When I deactivated the extension, along with another unused extension, I was able to get into the admin back-end.  However, when I looked for the extension to re-download it on PageLines' site, I couldn't find any reference to it.  Is there a place to re-download this extension? 
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      <section id="pl-grandstanduyax5kp" data-object="PL_GrandStand" data-sid="pl-grandstand" data-clone="uyax5kp" class="pl-section span12 offset0    pl-bg-cover section-pl-grandstand pl-sortable level1 sortable-first cant-offset sortable-last" style="  ">        <div class="pl-section-controls fix">
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      Kind regards,
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      I also tried both the full width and content width sections. Both will not display at all.