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    • orangecricket
      By orangecricket
      - If this is a duplicate I apologize, I don't see my first attempt to post this in the forum.
      I purchase the Navbanner and I love it but I needed it to drop down on hover for sub menus. I checked the Demo before purchase and the demo dropped down when I moused over it so I assumed it would be as easy as checking a box like the Navbar but I don't see this option anywhere. Am I missing something?
      Is there an easy way to make my submenus drop down on hover like the Demo?
    • James Giroux
      By James Giroux+
      Hey All,
      We've just relaunched http://pagelinesacademy.com with a bunch of new videos for DMS 2.  You can get the PageLines Interface course for free by signing up on the site.  It's an overview of the entire toolbox in PageLines DMS.
      We've also released 60+ lessons on using DMS 2 that are available on a paid membership plan, with access to exclusive forums, extra goodies (like sections and plugins) as well as access to new courses/lessons as we release them.  
      Get started for free and take it for a test drive.  If you're ready to jump in, get 50% off your first month with the coupon code below!
      LAUNCH50 James.
    • James Giroux
      By James Giroux+
      First of all, thanks for using the themes.  It's been great to design for you and to build out themes for DMS.  I wanted to fill you in on the plan moving forward for the themes I've created and the update path to DMS 2.
      Due to the fact that DMS 2 is an opt-in vs. opt-out update, I've decided to rest many of the themes I've created with DMS 1.x.  The systems available to us for managing multiple versions of the themes aren't as intuitive as I would like them to be and realistically, I think moving forward, the best option is to create new themes purpose built for DMS 2 rather than convert themes built for DMS 1.  There will, for a while, be people who are on DMS 1 and wanting to stay there, I'd like them to have a few options as well.
      I have however updated a couple of themes to be DMS 2 compliant with the eventual goal of making them core standalone themes as per the new format of theme development for DMS 2.  Here's the breakdown of what is updated, will be updated and will stay at 1.x.
      Staying At DMS 1.x
      Academy Theme
      Faithful Theme
      Details Theme
      Moving To DMS 2.0
      Corporation Theme
      DMS 2 Compliant
      Impressive Theme
      Workspace Theme
      I'd also like to add in new themes as I go so expect new ones to show up in the not too distant future as well.
    • justonline_be
      By justonline_be
      It's solved :-)
    • peterguirguis
      By peterguirguis
      Hi James,
      I just installed the Academy theme onto a staging area of my website. My blog archive page doesn't look like the one in the demo. It lacks the author image and the metadata that shows to the left of the feature image for each blog entry.
      By any chance would you happen to know why that is? http://ccsb.staging.wpengine.com/blog
      Thanks James!