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Expanding SideKick Menu by blank link

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Sidekick 1.2.7
Am probably missing something simple here, but is there a way to have clickable link in the menu that simply expands/collapses the menu? (Menu set to Expandable mode, WP Menu mode.)
Here would be a simple WP menu:


In this case, we have "HR" there only for organization on the menu, however we don't necessarily have a dedicated page just for HR. We're looking to make "HR" clickable just as the other items would be, but just expand/collapse the submenu. (Basically, the same functionality as the expand/collapse arrows, but also for the item title)


I've seen for some other types of menus, you can just put the link for the menu item as "#", but that doesn't seem to work to expand/collapse the Sidekick menu. 


Was there something I was missing?




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Hey robertph,


The expandable behavior makes the levels of hierarchy expandable by clicking on the arrow button on the menu item which has children.


In your case, you could have a menu item which has a url of '#' and other links nested below as children, but they would still be expanded by the arrow button.


There is no built-in functionality at the moment to extend the action of the arrow button to a the menu item or other element at this time.


Hope that helps.  Please let me know if I misunderstood your question.

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