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Where did my templates go?

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I've got 3 sites on the same dedicated server running basically the same plugin setup with Danny's Advanced Skeleton child theme... All plugins DMS etc are up to date... Here's the odd thing.


On one site all the templates are missing?





Page Setup | Templates comes up correctly but no templates are available from the DMS editor or the Page/Post editor.  The two other sites are OK...


Flushed Caches, tried using the DMS main theme, turned of all plugins etc.   No joy.  


the DMS error log has a single error..


[30-Dec-2014 09:38:39 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function setup_pagelines_template() in /home/fullsupp/public_html/wp-content/themes/dms/dms/index.php on line 50




DMS Debug Info

WordPress Version

WordPress Debug

Multisite Enabled

Current Role

Framework Path

Framework URI

Framework Version

PHP Version

Child theme


WP memory limit
128 MB

WP MAX memory limit
256 MB

PHP memory limit
256 MB

Mysql version

WP Max Upload Size
8 MB

8 MB

PHP Max Execution Time

PHP type

WebServer software

PHP User


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Have you made any changes to the core files ?

When you say basically, the same plugins are they exactly the same or are there some installed that are different ?


Also, may sound like a stupid question, but are you sure you have deleted all the templates or does anyone else have admin access, who could have removed them ?


Can you provide a link to the other sites and make sure DMS debug mode is active on both please.

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No changes to core files and no one else has access to the site. 


Instead of further debugging, what I did is export the templates from one of the good installs and import them back into the install that had the missing themes. I've reassigned the appropriate template types to the appropriate pages and things are OK for now. 

Start-Build-Grow Your WordPress Powered Business

James Maduk - http://www.wpgrow.com

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Thats great to hear, but that has resolved the issue, but we still need to know how your templates were removed. If this happens again, can you try and provide the exact steps you took before they removed. As templates can not remove or delete themselves, so the issue is likely related to either a plugin or your servers configuration.

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