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Mobile site showing header image weird

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The main page of my website via most browsers looks great in mobile except for the header image. It has text on it "Cuenca Culture Shock" and in mobile view only the "re Shock" shows." Is there a way to scale the image for mobile?





Website URL: www.cuencacultureshock.com
Framework Version: DMS Professional Tools 1.8.5, PinsPro theme 1.2
WordPress Version: 4.1
Plugins in Use: Akismet, Amazonlink, CommentsEvolved, Custom Sidebars, DMS Professional Tools, Facebook, Google Analytics, Jetpack, Pagelines updater, Primary feedburner, SEO Auto links and related posts, widgets on pages, wordpress SEO
Server/Host: Bluehost
Screenshots: Hmmm, I can't figure out how to add an attachment here. Hopefully you can figure it out by the description above.
Details: See above.

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Looks like your logo is part of the background image.  I'd recommend turning the logo/name into a stand-alone graphic so that you can control the size using media queries.  Sans making it a stand-alone, you might try playing around with something like below in your css.





background-size: contain; (this will only work if your image is tall enough.)
background-position: left; (probably still going to cutoff the right side)

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Jmad is spot on, you will want to remove your logo from your image and add it as a separate image instead.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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