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WPEngine crashing our DMS website, pl-settings row too large

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Our website www.rootstock.com has been running on WPEngine for months without any problems.


Within the past 3 weeks, they have crashed it 5 times.


After much back and forth with their support staff, they came back to us with the following explanation and insist that our theme developer needs to fix this problem (snippet from them is below) -



There's an autoloaded row that's used by your theme ( pl-settings ) that is storing just past 1MB of data, that is going to be cleared out when our nightly processes are run within the environment. This would explain the header and footer being mangled, but the rest of the page being intact.


To remedy this, you will want to contact your site's developer and review the information being stored within that row and keep it as far under one megabyte as possible. If you would like to see the amount of data stored within rows on your end (in bytes), feel free to use the following command within PHPMyAdmin. You'll need to select your desired database (wp_ for production and snapshot_ for staging), then click on the SQL tab near the top:


max-width: 100%">SELECT option_name, LENGTH(option_value), autoload FROM `wp_options` WHERE autoload = 'yes';


Arrange the rows in descending order by "LENGTH(option_value)" and you'll get the rows holding onto the largest amount of data within your "wp_options" table. Also, to help speed things up, it's best to keep the total amount of autoloaded data as low as possible. Ideally, being under 300KB is best. Here's a query to show the total amount of autoloaded data:


max-width: 100%">SELECT SUM( LENGTH( option_value ) ) FROM  `wp_options` WHERE autoload =  'yes';


Let me know if this helps to move things forward on your end. If there are any other questions that I can answer, please feel free to ask!



Is this a DMS-centric issue or is WPEngine able to remedy this?  Is this an issue that every website hosting company will have with DMS?


Thank you for your help.



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Kinda new to phpMyAdmin (and databases in general) but when I run the first query on my three local dev sites the biggest table is pl_gfonts.

It's almost 300k on each of the three sites.


I'm not using any google fonts but load three customs ones instead.

This makes me wonder:

  • Does pl_gfonts need to store anything if no google fonts are being used?
  • If not, how does one clear it?

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WordPress uses LONGTEXT for the wp_options table values. LONGTEXT has a limit of 4GB, yes thats right 4GB for EACH option, this is why WP did that.

WPENGINE have decided to limit WP options to 1MB? Thats utterly ridiculous.



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