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    • primetime
      By primetime+
      Hi tmeister,
      There is an irrelevant line showing in the right side of the section while using Firefox.
      See attached
    • allanlove
      By allanlove+
      I have this section installed on a site with a black background and this makes the navigation arrows very difficult to see. Can you please tell me how to change the appearance of them? I'm not great with code, so if there is any custom coding involved can you please let me have the code and also tell me where on the site to place it?
    • jennajonesdesign
      By jennajonesdesign+
      I am loving the Latest Blog Entries Section. It does exactly what I was hoping. 
      Question - Currently all of the thumnails are left aligned instead of centered. It doesn't look the best since everything else is centered. Can you tell me how to center the featured thumb please? If this is not a possibility can you give me a thumbnail size that will take up the full width of the space so that there will be even padding on each size?
      Thanks so much!
    • bfortson
      By bfortson
      I am using a plug-in I purchased from Pagelines called "Latest Blog
      Entries" (LBE). I am also using a plug-in called Social Gallery (SG). SG
      allows you to create a blog gallery where blogs can be accessed via a
      facebook-like image gallery. Utilizing LBE as a blog gallery on one of my
      DMS theme pages, SG is not able to access the image (as it normally does), and
      instead takes me to the blog post. Apparently, there is some code issue
      that is overwriting SG's settings. I have deactivated all my other plug-ins
      (except the theme of course), but to no avail. Can you provide any
      direction here? I have contacted the SG staff, but they have not been able
      to solve the problem - they believe it is an issue with the DMS theme. Any