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I am pretty good with CSS and using DevTools to target the changes that I want however I am terrible when using jQuery. I am trying to use the FitText.js plugin to resize my Masthead Titles when the screen is resized. I have followed a brief tutorial however it seems I am not adding the script to the correct area. I have tried the Custom Code section for header scripts. I have tried adding the code the wp-header via Hooker and still nothing.

Website URL:www.bingerr.com
Framework Version:DMS 2
WordPress Version: 4+
Plugins in Use: https://github.com/davatron5000/FitText.js
Details: Code i am using is below:

<script src="jquery.fittext.js"></script>

$(document).ready(function() {
  //CHANGE the jQuery selectors using your Canvas Area's Section ID
  //Adding FitText Min/Max font size to Landing Page Masthead
  $("#mastheadusrim9x h1.masthead-title").fitText(1, { minFontSize: '50px', maxFontSize: '160px' });
(function( $ ){
  $.fn.fitText = function( kompressor, options ) {
    // Setup options
    var compressor = kompressor || 1,
        settings = $.extend({
          'minFontSize' : Number.NEGATIVE_INFINITY,
          'maxFontSize' : Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY
        }, options);
    return this.each(function(){
      // Store the object
      var $this = $(this);
      // Resizer() resizes items based on the object width divided by the compressor * 10
      var resizer = function () {
        $this.css('font-size', Math.max(Math.min($this.width() / (compressor*10), parseFloat(settings.maxFontSize)), parseFloat(settings.minFontSize)));
      // Call once to set.
      // Call on resize. Opera debounces their resize by default.
      $(window).on('resize.fittext orientationchange.fittext', resizer);
})( jQuery );

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Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for third party scripts. However, if you're still using this:


<script src="jquery.fittext.js"></script>


Then that will not work, you need to provide the full path to the script.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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