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    • globalnative
      By globalnative+
      Hi y'all, it's been a while!
      I'm having trouble with installing Simple Forum on my site. It comes up looking like this: http://natemaingard.com/forum/.
      Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
      Thanks a million
    • weave5
      By weave5
      I'm using the Simple:Press forum plugin and the forum has its own plugins, and one that is not running properly is the file uploader. Simple:Press says it's due to a conflict with bootstrap, and they suggest that I edit the theme and make sure bootstrap is loaded before the jQuery-UI core library.
      My website: http://www.weaversguildmn.org. The page is this: http://www.weaversguildmn.org/forum The theme is pagelines framework running on wordpress 3.8.
      I'm a beginner. Can someone explain step by step, how to edit the page's theme so that bootstrap loads before the jquery-ui..?
    • GetMeWebDesign
      By GetMeWebDesign+
      I have stopped receiving email notifications from the forum from topics I follow or participate in. Has anyone else experienced the same or know why. 
      I have checked my settings, email, cleared old notifications, but still nothing
    • allanlove
      By allanlove+
      I have a DMS developer licence but I am not able to start a new topic in the Techincal Support (Personal, Business & Developer) section of the forum?
      I have tried completely logging out and back in again but this isn't helping.
    • donkrug
      By donkrug
      Has anyone found a way to get simplepress forums to work on "platform" theme of PageLines?
      The forum shows but the edit and other functions do not work. thanks