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Documentation on Wordpress multisite

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Hi there


I'm still missing some documentation on Wordpress multistite and DMS 2 - where can i find this? http://docs.pagelines.com/advanced/wordpress-multisite


I need some general guidelines on updates and installing.


I do expect documentation on a product we pay for, and when i search in the forum i can see creating documentation on this matter have been on your to-do list for at least a year. The last update we made resulted on hundreds of blank pages and missing stylesheets - again no documentation on the pagelines docs, but for some reason this was described in the forum instead, i expect to find documentation on pagelines docs not here.  


Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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There is no need for documentation on WordPress multisite, as all the features are by WordPress. We will only provide documentation for DMS specific functionality. DMS acts exactly the same in standard WordPress as it does in WordPress Multisite. The documentation you're linking to, shouldn't actually be there and is a placeholder that hasn't been deleted, but will be now.


If you have any issues please reply and go into detail regarding your issue(s), as well as providing a link to the site in question.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Rob Thomas

surftown I have set up DMS multisite installs on Flywheel and Digital Ocean. It's fairly easy to do (easier than people imagine) but consulting WP and online tutorials helps. I found that most of the info on Digital Ocean's site was outdated and I had to learn a few things via trial and error. So be sure to read through any threads on any tutorials/documentation for wherever it is you plan to install a Multisite. 


One other thing: I have been running DMS on a multisite for over a year and in that time I have never encountered a single issue traceable to any aspect of DMS that would effect the smooth running of a multisite. 


My advice is to look for documentation with your server/host on how to set up a multisite. Even with a managed hosting account like Flywheel, there is still a certain amount of work (none of it really hard) you are going to have to do on your own to set up and run a multisite on your WP install. 

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