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iBox with Skeleton Basic theme

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I am trying to tweak the ibox section on a site I'm using Skeleton basic as a child theme.


I am trying to collapse the gap between the title and link, where a description goes, as there aren't any descriptions :o) 


The text defaults to Lorem Ipsum - I can hide this by changing it to a &nbsp; but then theres a gap . I tried ttheCSS route of making the item display:none; but the description field doesn't have an id or class.  ( <div data-sync="ibox_array_item3_text">&nbsp;</div> )


What I'm there fore trying to do (unless there's and easier way) is to copy the ibox section to a newly created sections folder themes > skeleton-basic > sections > ibox, where i have put an amended php file with out the lorem ipsum defaults. 


This isn't making any difference to the front end - if i just edit the iBox in the DMS theme's sections, it's just going to get overwritten on update.


...what am i doing wrong? ;o)



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The option needs to be used by default, if all you're going to go show is an image and title, then you may as well just use the MediaBox and some HTML. However, if you're going to proceed and create a child section of iBox via a child theme, you will likely need to click the Reload Sections button on Add to Page. Once you have made your code changes.


Please be aware that we do not provide support for users editing sections as this is considered user created code.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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