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Multimenu plugin: suspected malware URL flagged by Wordfence

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I have the Wordfence security plugin installed on my web site. I ran it to check for any vulnerablities and it returned the following message, flagging the PL multimenu plugin:

* File contains suspected malware URL: /wp-content/plugins/multimenu/jquery.multilevelpushmenu.min.js


Any ideas on this? Should I delete the file and will this affect the menu's function? Or do I disable the plugin? Any indeas are welcome.


Thanks you,






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If you delete that file, the menu will not function. I recommend you speak to plugins developers and see what they suggest. As I highly doubt that script contains malware.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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There is no malware. There is a url in the javascript comments, the domain in the url does not even exist anymore. I will remove the url anyway but its safe to ignore.

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      @Danny what if you wanted to use just an icon instead? Swapping out MENÜ with an icon doesn't work.
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      Please Note: Recent software such as DMS is not affected by this security advisory.   Three days ago we were alerted by Securi via email that there were a couple of problems with two of our legacy themes, namely PlatformPro and PageLines Framework.
      We take security seriously, so we wasted no time updating the free versions of these themes on the WordPress Repo and updating the pro versions over here at pagelines.com
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      PlatformPro 1.6.2 [download]
      PageLines Framework 2.4.6 [download]
      If you are using the free versions of the two themes available on wordpress.org, those files have also been patched.
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      In all cases you should see an update available in your WordPress admin area and should update right away.
      In the event that you cannot update the theme we took the time to create a small plugin that will protect your site.
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      Hi there,
      Just wondering if there is a reason why there is no search option within Multimenu as there is with Navi - would be good if it did have it and it worked in a similar way and you could switch it off when you need to.
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