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Site Broken After Upgrading to Pagelines Version 1.1.9

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I just upgraded my site (http://www.dannysvenice.com) to 1.1.9 from 1.1.8 and now I get the following error:


Fatal error: Call to undefined function pl_add_theme_tab() in /home/dannprgd/public_html/wp-content/themes/dannys-child-theme/functions.php on line 82

Here is the text from the functions.php file (I have placed line 82 in bold):



// Load Framework - don't delete this
require_once( dirname(__FILE__) . '/setup.php' );
// Load our shit in a class cause we're awesome
class YourTheme {
function __construct() {
// Constants
$this->url = sprintf('%s', PL_CHILD_URL);
$this->dir = sprintf('/%s', PL_CHILD_DIR);
// Add a filter so we can build a few custom LESS vars
add_filter( 'pless_vars', array(&$this,'custom_less_vars'));
function init(){
// Run the theme options
// Send the user to the Theme Config panel after they activate.
add_filter('pl_activate_url', array(&$this,'activation_url'));
// Send the user to the Theme Config panel after they activate. Note how link=nb_theme_config is the same name of the array settings. This must match.
function activation_url( $url ){
   $url = home_url() . '?tablink=theme&tabsublink=nb_theme_config';
   return $url;
// Custom LESS Vars
function custom_less_vars($less){
// Adding a custom LESS var, use this in LESS as @my-var. In this example, its linked to a custom color picker in options. We also must set a default or else it's going to error.
// pl_hashify must be used with color pickers so that it appends the # symbol to the hex code
// pl_setting is being used because this is a global option used in the theme
$less['my-var']   =  pl_setting('my_custom_color') ? pl_hashify(pl_setting('my_custom_color')) : '#07C';
return $less;
    // WELCOME MESSAGE - HTML content for the welcome/intro option field
function welcome(){
?><div style="font-size:12px;line-height:14px;color:#444;"><p><?php _e('You can have some custom text here.','nicks-base-theme');?></p></div><?php
return ob_get_clean();
// Theme Options
function theme_options(){
$options = array();
$options['nb_theme_config'] = array(
  'pos'                  => 50,
  'name'                 => __('Nicks Base Theme','nicks-base-theme'),
  'icon'                 => 'icon-rocket',
  'opts'                 => array(
         'type'        => 'template',
              'title'       => __('Welcome to My Theme','nicks-base-theme'),
            'template'    => $this->welcome()
  'type'         => 'color',
  'title'        => __('Sample Color','nicks-base-theme'),
  'key'          => 'my_custom_color',
  'label'        => __('Sample Color','nicks-base-theme'),
  'default'      =>'#FFFFFF'
new YourTheme;


What do I need to do to get my site back up and working again? HELP!!!!


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Nicks child theme isn't supported by the developer anymore, therefore, you will want to remove all the code from that file, which should resolve your issue.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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I can confirm this is the case (after two sites update/broke). I just copy and pasted any code I had in the css/less/functions files from Nick's base theme to the same in Danny's skeleton theme, making sure everything is the same. Delete the files from the child theme folder and replace with the new files from the skeleton theme. Works perfectly. 

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