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Site Settings Won't Take (Still)

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I try to curb my frustrations whenever I post here because I appreciate any help I can get, but this problem is really starting to aggravate me, and steer me away from Pagelines -- In fact, I broke down and bought Toolset the other day because I needed to get a site done and I couldn't rely on Pagelines. 


Changes to the Site Settings don't ever take. Never. Not on one site, not on two sites, but on every single site (dozens) I've built with DMS2, regardless of plugins or custom CSS -- those evil culprits. 


If I can't change things like the background color, header fonts, link colors, etc, with the click of a button, there's absolutely no point in using DMS2. Every single time I have to custom code every single change, and I scratch my head, wondering, "why the hell am I even using this?" 


I have complained about this in the forums before, and I know other users have too. If you guys can't roll out a fix for this in the next update, I'm done with DMS for good. I'm sorry to be such a dick about it, but I've been waiting months for this problem to go away, and now it's costing me time and money. 

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Would you like us to help?


Provide us with a site with the problem and a login, and steps to reproduce the error and then we can perhaps fix it.


You say you are getting the issue on (dozens) of sites, what sites? Are they using the same plugins? Is it reproducible on all of them every time? are they on the same server?


We'd love to fix an issue like this but generally we get no reproducible feedback for testing.


You can PM me here or email me direct.

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Well, I stand corrected. It appears there is a plugin called "GoDaddy Quick Setup" that GD must auto install on their hosted sites, and once I tracked that down and disabled it, Site Settings worked again. Sorry again for the hostility, but like I said before, this shit is proper aggravating when you have to deactivate and reactive dozens of plugins to find the culprit -- not your fault. However, I know for a fact I have non=GD hosted sites that have also had this problem, which must mean other plugins can get in the way, too. One user suspected Contact Form 7, as well. 

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Never mind, I stand corrected again it seems... Not the GD plugin, because I have that plugin activated on another site and Site Settings are working fine. So I guess it's a mystery. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Don't know or care anymore. I'm stumped. 

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If your site settings or section settings are not saving or being reverted upon page load, the likely cause is one of the following:


1. You have a plugin installed causing the issue (usually this is cache plugin not configured correctly).

2. You have added a script or some kind of code that causes a conflict with DMS.

3. Your server is configured in a way that it really shouldn't be used to host a WordPress website and is causing the issue.


Therefore, either PM me or Simon and we can investigate. In the PM provide the following:


1. A link to this topic so we know what the PM is regarding.

2. A link to all sites having the problem.

3. Provide settings on how to recreate the issue (this is important, as whenever a users has reported a similar issue, the steps they provide do not work for myself or Simon).

4. Make sure all plugins are disabled.

5. Make sure all custom CSS/LESS and scripts are removed.


Please search our forums, before posting!

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