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how to get the most support from support

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Hi, I will need a lot of support in the next week.  I am using the Details theme. What can I do to raise my level of support and response time to questions.  I'm remembering the days of the pagelines chat.  What's the closest I can get to that and how?  Thank you

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There is no way to increase the level of support you receive, all premiums users receive priority support and users of the free version receive support as well, but are not priority. The PageLines chat was never mean't for support, it was intended to be a live chat community for our users. However, due to users abusing the service i.e. using it as an alternative support service we discontinued the live chat service.


All technical support is provided here on the forum and nowhere else.
All pre-sales, account and billing related questions are handled on our helpdesk.


Also, in regards to you using the details theme, you will need to post your topics in the correct forum, as the details theme is a third party theme and not created by PageLines.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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