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Pages Overwritten

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All of my pages have been overwritten to be a contact page. My entire site converted to a contact page. Is this a bug?? Perhaps associated with the upgrade (which I have't done yet?)

Trying very hard not to panic...

The editor had been behaving strangely, sluggish, slow to respond, unpredictable actions. 

url: world-eats.org

DMS2, Chrome Version 38.0.2125.122

Single site install on WP 4.0

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It is not possible via an update or upgrade for DMS to convert all your WordPress pages to a contact page. This is because by default, DMS does not include a contact page or contact form. If this has happened then the likely cause is one of the following:


1. All your templates have been assigned the same template and you have then added your contact information or a contact form to that page, then published the changes i.e. causing all templates to display that contact information.


2. You have installed plugins that have caused some issues (unlikely).


My best guess without having a link to the site in question is #1, you have all your pages using the same template and have published your contact pages changes which have then proceeded to change all pages using that template.


The best course of action would be for you to see what templates all your pages are using.


In-regards to your issue about your editor becoming sluggish, the likely cause of this is either:


1. You have a vast amount of plugins installed, the more you install the more your site will perform poorly (this depends on your hosting too).

2. You're using shared hosting i.e. cheap web hosting which isn't known for its performance.

3. You have a cache plugin installed which is active whilst you're still working on your site and has also, probably not been configured correctly.


If you provide a link to the site in question and also, enable DMS debug mode will may be able to identify your issue in regards to your editor being sluggish.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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