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Hiding a footer and fixed header on specific pages in iBlog Pro 6 on

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Hi Guys, 


I have a issue which is frustrating me, which I am hoping you may be able to help me resolve. 


I am trying to hide the global fixed top and the footer region on a number of pages. 


An example URL is this one: www.noelgroup.ie/grabajob/ 


The CSS I am trying to use is the following: 


.page-id-1313 .pl-fixed-top { display: none; } 
.page-id-1313 .section-ifooter { display: none; } 
I can't understand why it isn't working. 
Any suggestions you could provide me with would be very much welcomed and appreciated. 
I did try to use Danny's suggestion on a previous forum post here: http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/37274-no-header-fixed-menu-for-certain-pages/
However, when I used this suggestion, the site became slightly "buggy" (if thats the right term) and while the fixed-top and the footer hid perfectly on the pages I specified, the menu and the footer tended to disappear once I logged out of the admin and I ended up having to re-add the sections a number of times before I dis-abled the pro tools "hide region" checkbox and unselected the areas to be hidden. 

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Hi @gavred 


You Can try this bit of code and see it gives you the desired look.


I used the section id for the footer and fixed header.




.page-id-1313 section#pl_areau555bb {
display: none;
.page-id-1313 section#pl_areau47edc {
.page-id-1313 .fixed-top-pusher {


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Aires That completely solved the issue. The section ID was the way to go 100%. 


Thank you for your help! :) 

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