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Adding border to the bottom of certain canvas sections

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On the homepage of my site, I've linked an anchor point to each of my homepage navigation menu options (different menu on other pages).  So that when you click a link on the fixed nav, it takes you to a specific point on the homepage.  To achieve this, I've added a blank canvas section with a text box and my anchor point.  The problem is, I would like to put a 1px border below a few of the canvas sections but not all.  


I've found the selector pl-area-wrap but adding the css border will add it to all canvas sections and I'd only like it added to 3 sections. Is there a way to specify particular sections and not add it as a whole?  






Here is a link to a screenshot



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Hi, you can do this with custom classes.
For example:
.myBorder {
border-bottom: 2px solid red;

And add the class to the custom style area with in the canvas section.
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