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Changed URL now fonts and front editor screwed up

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Like a lot of people, I have built my wordpress (version 4) website in it's own folder. Not the top level of the hosting server.


The domain was still pointing to the old website also in it's own folder. While i was building the the new website, the IP address/folder(http://s446863904.onlinehome.us/WP) was pointing to the website i was building. I eventually pointed the domain (http://envymeremy.com) here.


Thats when things got a little screwed up. Especially when I made the change in wordpress general settings.


WordPress Address (URL): http://s446863904.onlinehome.us/WP

Site Address (URL): http://envymeremy.com(formerly the same as above)


So after fixing the 505 and 404 issues (editing the .htaccess file in top level of this website) that now follow changing the url, the first thing i noticed was that the fonts weren't embedding.


In my child theme's css file, i had to change:


@import url("../dms/style.css");
@import url("fonts/stylesheet.css");




@import url("../dms/style.css");
@import url('http://envymeremy.com/wp-content/themes/jayharry_theme-child/fonts/stylesheet.css');


The pagelines font/symbols  for dropdown and slider arrows aren't loading.



So now whats happening is, when I launch the dms editor, it goes to a page that "does not exist". I'm thinking thats because the homepage was http://s446863904.onlinehome.us/WPand is now http://envymeremy.com/.


When i click on the links in the navigation (Home, about us, etc), it takes me to the page, but I don't get the dms editor with options to add anything, edit the sections or anything. Just the page as i would see it if i were not logged into wordpress.


I'm using:

wordpress 4

DMS 2 with a child theme

hosting: 1and1.com plan: 1&1 Unlimited







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I am not following your issue, as far as I can tell both of them are different domains using different IPs. Therefore, you can not change the WordPress URL to use a different domain as far as I am aware. The files must be on the same server. I recommend you view the WordPress docs - http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL

If you view your sites page source, the files are still loading from the other domain - https://cloudup.com/cOVHuYg8RfX

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Apogolies for not being clear enough.


With 1&1 hosting, If you don't have a domain name, you can use their default one as the domain. In this case, http://s446863904.onlinehome.us which points to the top level of the directory in the hosting plan. In this directory i created a folder named WP. This is were I have built the website. The domain www.envymeremy.com was originally pointed to http://s446863904.onlinehome.us/site and I later pointed it to http://s446863904.onlinehome.us/WP ( the current website). This is when the issues started. I would image since everything is in the same hosting plan, it's all on the same server.





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Not sure how 1&1 is setup so I can't say if they're on the same server. However, to resolve your issue, you're going to need to change the URL in your database. As at the moment they're all pointing to the other domain.

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Scratch that! Fonts are now working. I think the cache had to be reloaded but I am good now. thanks for you time.



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Awesome and thanks for informing us the issue has been resolved.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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