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Revslider video background

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I can't get my head round how to get video to show as a background to my slides. Ideally I would like a video to play on a loop while slides played over the top. 


So far I've added 2 vids to the background (mp4 and .ogv) and to the slide background but all I get is the slide background image which I have to enter for each slide.




 I just want it to work like the DMS demo but am cannot find any documentation on how to use revslider in DMS2. I've found some documentation from the origonatores of the program but it does not reference DMS in any way I can understand.

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You need to apply your videos to the slide video options and not the background video option which is what you have done. Remove the uploaded videos from those options and then click on one of your slide options for example slide 1 and then upload your videos there instead.


Also, we are aware that the RevSlider requires documentation, when we released DMS we assumed the inline documentation would be enough. So we are currently in the process of updating our documentation and I have the RevSlider on my to-do-list.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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See if this helps you.....  I use a video layer background with back up image. then make my slide image 80% transparent to give motion effects on the images.



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