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Popshot settings not taking effect

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Popshot is not working for me. 

I've configured it using these as settings and haven't touched anything else. NOTHING else. http://forum.pagelines.com/topic/35171-popshot-not-popping-feeling-dumb/?p=218803


When I inspect the code the offset is there, but the 3 images (screenshots of my clients software) are all aligned the same. All plugins were deactivated one by one and nothing was fixed. Cache cleaned every time (I also have an incognito window checking only published stuff).


Debug mode is activated and here's the site:




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I solved it. Turns out that DMS2 doesn't assume that you're entering pixels for the PopShot. So if I enter the values without appending "px" at the end, they won't render. So instead of 250, you should write 250px.

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Yeah, this is correct. However, the default settings already include a numeric value with the px unit included.



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