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Taking WP admin bar height into account

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It would be great if the floating social icons/buttons plugin could take the Wordpress admin bar height into account when displaying the icons while editing the site.

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    • chamois_blanc
      By chamois_blanc+
      DMS defines the fixed navbar z-index as follows:
           @zindexFixedNavbar:             1030;
      Floating Social Buttons defines its z-index as 1031. I think the navbar should be above the floating icons. I've updated zindexFixedNavBar to 1032 in my child theme. But this looks incorrect. Or am I missing something?
    • 6924s34ndz
      By 6924s34ndz
      First compliments with the plugin. It is a welcome extention to pagelines.
      I have two problems when using the plugin Floating Social Buttons
      The popup messages are not shown  and there seems to be a conflict with the stars Page Line extension. This would function correctly when the Floating buttons are activated. Please visit www.brandnewshoes.biz or feedback how to solve this.
    • NameSake
      By NameSake
      I LOVE your plugin, but I really need GChart (http://codecanyon.net/item/gchart/2128926) for charts on my websites. The charts don't show up once your plugin ins activated. Any way to resolve it?
      Also -- and equally important -- should I expect to have a similar conflict with promo slider?