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Multi-user support

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It would be great if DMS had detection for multiple users (or the same user on multiple computers) editing the same page. DMS should issue a warning or prevent from editing the page. Wordpress has support for this.

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Yeah I have and a few of our store developers have mentioned this in the past I think its called HeartBeat API or something in WordPress. Our developers are aware of this, especially for agencies.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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    • bchalker
      By bchalker
      I'm trying to figure out with drag-and-drop builder will be the best fit in my situation. Visual Composer is already out of the running, because they are unable to do this.
      I have a multi-site install of WP, which allows users to sign-up and create sub-sites to manage. 
      What I need:
      - I want to allow a specific theme (or couple) for the user's site, which would have the builder attached. 
      - I need (as super-admin) the ability to limit what builder "content types" (by that I mean, "images", "forms", "text block" etc.)  are part of the builder, from the settings. In other words, I need to say, "All sub-sites created are only allow these specific content types." I don't want it to be something I need to set manually, for each site created. Make sense?
      - Any tweaks or settings changes in the future, should be applied to sub-sites, as well.
      Will Pagelines work in this scenario?