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    • Audun MB
      By Audun MB+
      Just for reference if someone else needs to do this. 
      The Sitemap footer doesn't support nested menus, which makes it kind of pointless. Who doesn't have a nested site structure? Anyway, this allows for more finegrained control over the footer, while keeping the nice look. 
      Anyway, I liked the style of the sitemap, so I recreated it with sections. Here's the setup.

      Add one main container. Too allow for styling, give this the additional class "footer". Add a text section with the two social buttons shortcodes ( [pl_facebook_like] [pl_twitter_follow] ), place it to the left (and left align the text). Add another for the copyright/privacy text (right align the text). 6 columns for each text section, and font size should be around 80%.
      Add another container, place it above the two text sections. Give it the class "footer-border", and add a transparent bottom border to that class (see CSS below).
      Add a widget section with the three menus (you probably need a custom sidebar, I'm using the Custom Sidebar plugin). Next to it add a container again. In this container add a text section for your adress (left-align text), and a Social links section. Give the social links section the class "footer-social", left-align the text, set padding to 0.0 and set font size to 150%. Somehow the social links section escapes the opacity I set for the rest of the footer and shows as much darker, so used the custom class to adjust that to make it look nice.  Below is my full CSS/LESS for footer-styling (I prefer menu items to be normal text color instead of link color, but wanted the mailto link in my linkcolor (@linkcolor is defined at the top of my Custom LESS/CSS, you need to define it as well or just ignore that part of the styling). 
      /*footer styling*/ .footer{ opacity: .95; a { color: inherit; } a:hover{ color: inherit; text-decoration: none; font-weight: bold; } a[href^="mailto"]{ color: @linkcolor; } .footer-social{ opacity: 0.5; } .footer-border { border-bottom: solid 1px rgba(0,0,0,0.2); } } This is what it looks like:
    • tdiaz
      By tdiaz+
      When are the docs pages going to refilled? 
      ..and will the content they have replaced be made available somewhere else?
      A bit too far into a DMS2 project to drop it for Platform 5,  but it certainly gives the impression it will be a lot more of a peppy, positive experience, so I'll shoot for that as the second rollout of the site, but until then- the inbuilt links to content (Docs, sections, answers..) in DMS 2 are either 404 or empty. Perhaps a revision that redirects those pages to the old content so it's available where it's needed and not on the current site / product offering where it would could cause confusion and such.
      I will say, I got into Pagelines because my interpretation of it was that it combines the easy (better) parts of NationBuilder, Webly, et al- and allows one to still have ultimate control, where with the aforementioned platforms, you are basically .. SOL. 
      -BUT- it took a while for exactly what was going on, what all the pieces were, and what exactly the product really was, to click with me. 
      I might add that, it was looking at the Platform 5 preview that it all started to make sense. Because Platform 5 is not a huge clusterfudge of a pile of stuff that is all essentially the same thing.
      I wanted a theme, (WHP), then I saw the options, "oh, well if I get this, then I have 'more'" as the lineup gave me the impression that I can get "the theme" -or- I can get the theme and the framework, along with the PSDs and similarly related assets. 
      Platform 5 doesn't do any of that at all, but rather say "Here I am, this is going to be great!, Let's go!"
    • Danny
      By Danny+
      Hello, everyone.

      As you're aware, I am in the process of writing the documentation for the Platform plugin as well as creating introduction videos for all sections.

      Although this is a rough draft of the video, it should give you some idea as to what to expect from them. Please check it out on the link below, please do not share the video, as it is a draft and contains some mistakes.

      Another idea for the section docs after they're finished was to add the following:

      A reference to the shortcode that generates the section, so you can quickly see the shortcode that generates that section. Like so:
      [pl_section section="boxes" id="Unique ID"] Another idea was to include some of the sections classes, as a reference:
      .pl-sn-boxes .box-title .boxes-pad .boxes-media .boxes-icon Let me know what you think of these ideas and the video please.

    • micstepl
      By micstepl+
      the logo sizing option is
      not expalined not logical