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Changing domain directory using wordpress "settings" on the side bar(left) broke the site

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Hi , 




Website URL: http://seattlesbestwebsites.com/pagelines/
Framework Version: 2.1.8
WordPress Version: 4.0
Plugins in Use: poppy
Server/Host: Hostgator 
Screenshots: 2w4bl39.png


I was trying to change the directory name for my site from http://seattlesbestwebsites.com/pagelines/to http://seattlesbestwebsites.com/home. I went to wordpress left nav > settings > change the site url and directory. When I clicked on save and visit the site. It was stripped of css and js, I didn't even see dms or word press anymore. 


I even implemented 


on functions.php but that didn't work... :/ I need this fixed ASAP. 
Thanks ,



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Similar to my issue mate, when I move Wordpress or change site URL from subfolders etc via WP settings exactly like you have, I loose all customisation, js, css, and this time even my custom saved sections!


My current only workaround is to change these options and then drag the whole install out of the folder to the root directory.  I too believe it to be related to the way the DMS deciphers the 'site url' in the scripts and this confuses it.

Many thanks



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