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Ryan Logan

Custom CSS, Custom Scripts and Front-End Changes Not Saving

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Ryan Logan

Hello.    This has been happening for quite awhile now, on pretty much all of my sites and I can't stand it anymore.   DMS is slowing me down these days and I feel like I spend most of my time double/triple-checking if my changes are being saved.  Focusing on one site at the moment:  www.tamingthemonkey.guru


I've read other posts re: this issue.  I don't have a caching plugin enabled and I'm not using a host that has any special caching mechanisms.  I've also tried disabling plugins.



Custom CSS/Custom Scripts

  1. I enter something in either of these sections and publish.  **I've learned to copy my entries because of #3 below
  2. The changes are not reflected on the website
  3. I go back into these sections and what I entered is no longer there
  4. I copy my entries back in and publish.
  5. Steps 2 and 3 repeat
  6. I go through the above about 4 or 5 times before the entries actually stick

Front-End/DMS (Layout Width)

  1. I drag the dotted line, to increase the width of the website margins.  I publish the changes.
  2. The changes are not reflected on the website
  3. I go back into DMS and the margins I set are reset back to the out-of-the-box margins
  4. On this particular site...the margins WILL NOT STICK at all

Front-End/DMS (Publishing Button)


I make changes and I click Publish.  Sometimes the radio button (not sure what you call it...Status Button perhaps.?)  turns Green right away.  Most of the time I have to hit Publish 3-4 times before the Publish button will turn the radio button Green.  This is not that bad if it happens once in awhile, but it happens ALL THE TIME and on pretty much all of  my sites.

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Have you tried the latest version?, has a fix for sites with mixed ssl.

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Could pretty much mirror this post.  I have a habit now of clicking publish about 5 times, clicking off the content, publish again, etc, just to make sure.  And I also have to copy and paste every time I enter content into a front-end box incase it just vanishes on refresh.  That applies to every site I've made with the DMS since Ive used it.


The unique errors in recent versions are the complete loss of saved sections and template layouts, and unlocking templates or sections sometimes still edits the previous attached template.


I mostly am posting to make you guys aware these issues are common and do need addressing, not to annoy or spam.  Ive sat through using them and its funny that like many other users, I'e just become used to working around the bugs.



Many thanks



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@Simon_P:  Thank you for the quick response.  I just installed 2.1.8, which actually reminds me of another DMS/Pagelines issue.  There is no notification that a newer version of DMS or Pagelines Updater is available.  It's like the Moon or Sun has to be in the perfect position in the sky for the update to appear in the dashboard.  Hopefully 2.1.8 will make a difference, but I don't think it will based on the changelog details.


@bloom1creative:  Appreciate you turning up the volume on these issues.



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WordPress only checks once every 24 hours for theme and plugin updates.

The updater uses the WordPress updates system.


2.1.8 DOES fix a lot of saving issues, for instance on wpengine, where they force wp-admin to be SSL but the frontent to be non-ssl, this confused dms, 2.1.8 fixed this issue.

The OP did not give a url or where the site is hosted so I am left to pure speculation.

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Cool, well...fingers crossed!  Just for the information, here are the hosting companies I'm currently using.


-GoDaddy (shared hosting)

-Bluehost (not the wordpress-optimized version)


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rlogan - We are going to need more info, as you have provided a link to a site but it is behind a coming soon message.


Is this issue happening on sites hosted by FlyWheel?

Are you running the latest versions of DMS ?
Does the issue persist when you disable all active plugins ?


Can you provide links to all sites having the issues, along with providing the host of the site and make sure debug mode is active please on all sites.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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I'm running into this issue as well, on both of my local development sites.


WP 4.

DMS (2.1.8).

Child theme: RCS.

PHP 5.6.2.

All plugins are deactivated.


Mac OSX 10.9.5

Chrome 38.0.2125.111



Debug dump (showing active plugins, though the CSS issues happen when all are deactivated and completely off the site):
DMS Debug Info

WordPress Version

WordPress Debug

Multisite Enabled

Current Role

Framework Path

Framework URI

Framework Version

PHP Version

Child theme



WP memory limit
40 MB

WP MAX memory limit
256 MB

PHP memory limit
256 MB

Mysql version

WP Max Upload Size
32 MB

32 MB

PHP Max Execution Time

PHP type

WebServer software

PHP User


Installed Plugins

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I do wonder, however, whether my process is sound.

Should I be adding my custom CSS via the DMS editor (</> Custom), or am I better off doing it directly on the style.css file (using Coda2)?

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2.1.8 fixed these issues for me.  @dario:  I use the DMS editor for all my custom CSS.

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rlogan - Thanks for letting us know, we appreciate it.


dario - The Custom panel in DMS should be used really for small simple snippets, if you want to use advanced CSS or LESS such as variables, mixins etc.. then you should really use a code editor to make sure your code is sound i.e. via a lint package and then paste this into the style.css or style.less file in your child theme. Not a big fan of Coda2, to me there is too much bloat, you should give Atom.io as try, its awesome.


In regards to your issue, i.e. CSS not saving, the only way this could happen from my experience is:


1. You have a LESS Parse Error caused by invalid CSS/LESS

2. Your server has a weird configuration

3. You have cache enabled in either a plugin or something like CloudFlare.


I have added hundreds of lines of LESS to my local test sites child theme via the style.less file and some in the Custom panel and I have never experienced my CSS/LESS not saving.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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Thanks Danny.

It must be something on my server setup then. I have noticed that MAMP is painfully slow as well.

Doing tests with some host file and php adjustments to see if that resolves things.


Never heard of Atom but I'll check it out.

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Here is the solution which worked for me. Perhaps it might help another.
FWIW, no LESS errors and no Cache plugins or CDNs on my setup.
All on a Mac, Mavericks, MAMP PRO local server. Latest versions of each.
I've yet to confirm that just one of the following works for me, on its own, so I went for the shotgun approach.
  • In MAMP, don't name your dev site(s) localhost nor append .localhost to it.
  • Stop all servers
  • Add the dev domains to the search domains in System Preferences / Network / Advanced / DNS.
  • Add the dev domains to your hosts file (/private/etc/hosts), like the following. Everything in blue was already present or added automatically by MAMP after my adjustments. Don't forget to tab between host entries, not just a space ( denoted below as (tab) ):
# Host Database
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
# when the system is booting. Do not change this entry.
## localhost broadcasthost
::1 localhost (tab) devsite (tab) devsite1
fe80::1%lo0 localhost devsite (tab) devsite1
fe80::1%lo0 devsite (tab) devsite1 devsite # MAMP PRO - Do NOT remove this entry! devsite1 # MAMP PRO - Do NOT remove this entry!

Save the file.
  • Open the PHP ini file for the PHP version you're going to use (/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/phpx.x.x/conf/php.ini) (x.x.x =latest PHP version) and near the bottom of the code you will see the following:
After the last line, add: enable=0 (or comment out the entire section by adding ; to the beginning of each line)
Save the file.
  • Back in MAMP PRO, click on the PHP tab and make sure that the setting for 'Cache module to speed up PHP execution' is set to off. Adding enable=0 to the PHP.ini file was probably redundant, given this MAMP PRO setting, but I had to do it anyway.
  • Restart servers.

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Thanks for sharing.


Here is a link to the Atom editor, which is developed by GitHub themselves - https://atom.io/

Please search our forums, before posting!

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