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    • dgsarnow
      By dgsarnow+
      Is there a way to set to the max width for a MediaBox image? I am using a Media Box in a 2 column layout alongside a text box. As my screen scales down, the image gets really big and I would like to keep it from scaling up.
      Any ideas?
      WordPress 4.1
    • chamois_blanc
      By chamois_blanc+
      I found this declaration in the css compile code:
         @media (max-width:768px){.pl-fixed-top{position:static} .fixed-top-pusher{display:none} }
      Shouldn't this be max-width:767px instead? Aren't usually max-width on the odd width size before the next limit (479px, 767px, 1023px, 1299px...), and min-width on the even width size limit itself (480px, 768px, 1024px, 1300px)?