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corrections to copy for magazine articles

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Hello! I have a small question. For years I've been laying out publications. When the proofs come back to me they are loaded with corrections to be made to the articles. grrrrrr. Is there something I can add to my resume like "copy corrector" lol. I seem to spend half my day on fixing the editors mistakes in InDesign and feel that I should update my resume to reflect this big part of my job. We publish 21 publications and sometimes it's overwhelming to me because I feel that the design part of the job is mine, not fixing corrections to articles. I've fought with my co-workers for years and they just don't understand why I don't think it's my job to be deleting commas, adding commas, deleting paragraphs and having to lay out the whole page again, capitalizing words, adding dashes, deleting dashes, and so on. Since I've lost the battle here I feel I should at lease be recognized for doing such work in my resume. Thanks for any advice. 



our protocol is: all copy given to designers is supposed to be proofed and ready to layout before production starts

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