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Help! Mystery home page changes...

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Hi guys,


I have a site that was built on the PageLines Lite framework a couple of years ago. It works reasonably well, but for about half of its existence it has been plagued with a very strange problem: the home page will mysteriously get screwed up, changing the layout and adding/removing elements. Logging in, or sometimes logging out, to WP makes the problem vanish, which makes it difficult to troubleshoot.


This is what the site should look like:




...and this is what it will randomly switch to:




I initially assumed that caching was involved somehow, but all caching plugins have been turned off. Then I assumed that it was because PL needed to be updated (it had grown old because it was poorly coded, modifying CSS in the theme files instead of just in the theme options), but I fixed the CSS structure and updated the theme, assuming that would fix this issue once and for all. But no dice - I just went to the site to find this happening again.


Has anyone ever seen anything like this, with PageLines or otherwise? I've burned a lot of time and money trying to fix this damned thing to no avail, and I have no idea what to try next.

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We're going to need a link to the site in question and see the issue happen first hand. Usually, something like that happens at different intervals for the most part is caused by cache plugins. Therefore, you're also going to need to keep all plugins disabled for a period of time and see if the issue persists. Sometimes users think they have disabled a cache plugin, but the cache remains.

You can make sure the cache is disabled by viewing your page source (right click on your page and select page source in the window), then scroll to the bottom. If you see no text saying cache, then the cache plugin has been disabled completely. If the issue persists, then it may be related to your server configuration.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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That all makes sense. Here's the URL:



As I'm writing this, the site is in "screwed up mode." And the word "cache" doesn't appear in the home page source code. I'm curious about the server configuration suggestion, what are you suggesting could be the problem? The fact that the site is sometimes rendering correctly would seem to me to rule out PHP version issues, so I'm not sure what else I'd be looking at that regard. 


These are the plugins that are currently activated:

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
Duplicate Post
Email Address Encoder
Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin
iThemes Security
No Page Comment
Pagelines Customize
Pagelines Sections
Remedy Group Popup Mailform (lightweight plugin created by my company)
Remove Double Space
Testimonials by Aihrus
Widget Context
WP Image Preloader
I'm not wild about the prospect of deactivating the whole list, that would functionally disable the site, especially given that this problem occurs so sporadically, and it's not feasible to use a maintenance mode setup since logging into/out of WP often makes the problem vanish, and you can't see the home page without being logged in. That said, we might be able to disable some of these things without crippling the site. I suppose it also wouldn't be too big a deal to create a mirror elsewhere. Thoughts?

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The problem from what I can see is that:


1. You're using an out of date version of PageLines Framework. You're going to need to update this before we can proceed as we are unable to provide support to users who are running out of date versions. I recommend you perform a backup and then download the latest version from github - https://github.com/pagelines/PageLines-Framework


  • To install, exact the zip and then rename the directory to pagelines
  • Then connect to your site via an FTP client and navigate to wp-content/themes/
  • There should already be a directory called pagelines, rename this to something like old_pagelines
  • Then upload the pagelines directory you just extracted to wp-content/themes/
  • Now you should have two folders (or more depending on how many themes you have) one called pagelines and the other called old_pagelines

Once updated, go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and make sure the latest version of PageLines Framework is active. You can identify this by the version number. The version you currently have is 1.4.5 the latest version is 2.4.5.


In regards to your main issue, you're going to need to disable all active plugins, otherwise we can not diagnose if the issue is being caused by a plugin or not.


Also, when you encounter the issue, can you inspect your browsers dev tools and see if there are any errors and if so, please take a screen shot of them and add them to your reply.



Please search our forums, before posting!

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