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NavBanner dropdown on Hover

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- If this is a duplicate I apologize, I don't see my first attempt to post this in the forum.


I purchase the Navbanner and I love it but I needed it to drop down on hover for sub menus. I checked the Demo before purchase and the demo dropped down when I moused over it so I assumed it would be as easy as checking a box like the Navbar but I don't see this option anywhere. Am I missing something?


Is there an easy way to make my submenus drop down on hover like the Demo?



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James Giroux

Hey There,


Thanks for the question!  This is a setting controlled by PageLines' site settings.  If you go to the Site Settings panel in the toolbar and then look at the Layout/Nav panel, on the right side there's an option for how the hover functionality works.  check the option you would like and it will work with most navigation sections.


All the best!



James Giroux, CEO

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Hi James,


Thank you for your response! I just double checked the site settings Layout/Nav panel and it is set for hover. I refreshed and republished hoping for some reason maybe it hadn't taken effect but it still doesn't seem to allow the drop down without clicking the Nav. I double checked the Primary navigation was set (not sure if this makes a difference) and it is. Is there anything else that could be causing it not to drop down on hover?


Thank you!


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Never mind on this question I got it solved. It started working after I set the "front page" through wordpress settings. 


Thank you again for you help and great navbanner I will definitely be purchasing the unlimited usage for my other sites!

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