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Selettore Tabs with Submenu items

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I have noticed that when I use this product on Sub Menu items, if i change the tabs on 1 submenu item, it changes for all of the pages in that submenu.  I want each page in the submenu to have the different tabs. is this possible?

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Hi there.


I'm sorry i'm not follow you, can you please provide me a screenshot or a URL to see the issue.


Are you saying that the you have different Selettore section in different pages and when you change a title in one page the change is reflected in all the pages?


If the answer is yes, please be sure to not use a "page template" when you use a "page template" the options and configurations are setting "globally" for that template.




Enrique Chavez - Premium DMS Themes, Sections and Plugins.


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      Thanks for providing this section. It looks great. However, I was hoping there could be a fix for the following annoying issue:
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