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    • Houston Haynes
      By Houston Haynes+
      Hey folks - I'm trying to get right of some 'dead space' at the bottom of the page in the Material Theme. (see attached) Those two gray lines have an "Edit" button in between them when the browser has a login cookie for the site. Here I created a screenshot from a browser session that doesn't have context for my main login, so you can see that the "Edit" indicator is gone, but the bars and the space it occupies still remains. Can someone help me isolate this so I can make it *completely* disappear? Thanks.

    • atlast
      By atlast+
      I would like to do something similar to what this designer has done with DMS 2.0. Having issues figuring out how to build it. 
      Any ideas on how to create the scroll effect of the wallets picture and the hills picture in this site where the picture is a background of sorts and the foreground elements scroll by... 
    • b1mills
      By b1mills
      I have bought whitehousepro themes, and these themes has been uploaded, but at the moment in the reviews are not visible. please help step by step to install these themes, thanks.
    • troppoimages
      By troppoimages
      I've encountered the WSOD on my account turmericforanimals.com & according to BlueHost its due to an error due to result of a broken/corrupt theme or plugin
      I have been using DMS with pinspro plugin
      I tried all their troubleshooting solutions BUT nothing has worked so I'm seeing if you can clear it up.
      I followed their guide to
      They say that: - "its not hacker related it has something to do with the errors in the code thats why when I checked the error logs it says: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home3/turmeri6/public_html/wp-content/themes/pinspro/header.php on line 9"
      Are you able to help with this OR do I need to go back to BlueHost??
    • AEP
      By AEP
      Remember to include as much information about your technical issue as possible for example:
      Website URL: www.golfdynamics287.com
      Framework Version: DMS 2.0
      WordPress Version: 4.0
      WP's menu Appearance>themes installed... shows two Pagelines themes: one active (DMS 2) and one inactive (Pagelines 2.4.4).  Can I delete the inactive Pagelines Framework 2.4.4 since it isn't active without disrupting DMS 2.0?  Or are both needed?  The site's menu system is acting weird...sub pages will not stay under parent page after saving menu...and I want to delete all unused themes and plugins.
      Thanks for your help!