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Hi. so, I feel stupid, but i CANNOT get the templates to work without unlocking them and using the page layout system essentially without templates.

Could someone please give me a STEP BY STEP instruction how to to this:


Create a page called wardrobe.   Add a bunch of elements, sections, boxes etc. Save the template name to Wardrobe. and LOAD this template on this page.   Lets say i have 3 boxes called shirts, pants and shoes.

I then want to make 3 pages who have the parent wardrobe.  I want them to have the Wardrobe template - and I want the boxes to all say shirts, pants and shoes. I make sure the wardobe template is loaded to each page.  All templates are highlighted in Gold - Linked to Wardobe Template. 


So far so good.


NOW - I want to make a castings page. each with subpages say for NY Chicago and Philly.   I want to use EXACTLY the same formating, styling, everything that i just designed for the wardrobe page - EXCEPT - i now want 4 boxes - and i want to change the boxes names to Boys Girls, Men Women.


I create my new page.  I save the wardrobe template under a NEW name -casting template.  I load the casting template to this page.  ( I EVEN make sure casting template is selected in the admin/editing area of wordpress).  I change the name of the boxes from shirts pants and shoes to Boys Girls and Men. 


AND VOILA!!! ALL OF THE TEMPLATES ON THE WARDROBE PAGES NOW SAY CASTING - and worse... all of the boxes in wardrobe now say Boys, Girls, Men and Women.


SO - CLEARLY - i am doing it wrong.  

Could you PLEASE send me a step by step to tell me what is the proper set of actions that i should make.   I have been struggling with this issue ever since DMS2 LAUNCHED - and i am sick to death of redoing the page formating for EACH page by using the templates UNLOCKED.

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If you want to load a template that is being used on multiple pages already and use it on a different page (in your case Casting page), then you load the Wardrobe template and unlink it. You need to unlink before you make any changes otherwise it will add these changes to the template you loaded and therefore, effect all pages using that template.

So once you have loaded your Wardrobe template on your casting page, unlink it and then make your changes. Then these changes will not effect the Wardrobe template.



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