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can not change a permalink

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i created more than one page inspiration, with a result that the only current page inspiration is named: http://www.vmhdigital.nl/inspiration-3/


I emptied the garbage bin, but cannot rename this permalink, do you know how to solve that?

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solved it myself, no reaction needed

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Thanks for informing us the issue has been resolved, we appreciate it.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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      I've adjusted the font correctly with DMS (see screen shot) and saved it repeatedly yet it does not adjust the font in the website (see screen shot).  Would you please let me know what is wrong and should be done?
      (Please note that I've cleared the cache in the browser and whatnot as far as basic things I do know about browsers and issues with DMS from the past.  Hope this helps in troubleshooting...)
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      As the title says really, this happens on the past few sites I have tried this on, the only way I got around it was not to have the site in a subfolder.
      I installed the site as normal in a subfolder, set up DMS etc and accessed the site through www.site.com/subdomain.  Now I want to change the URL so its just www.site.com, so I use the backend of Wordpress Settings > General >Site Address.  This then seems to break all [pl_site_url] shortlinks & DMS Editor doesn't load up on the front end.
      My site is http://everystepadoption.com/adoptachild/
      and the current site url is http://everystepadoption.com
      Attached image shows that I have changed the Site Address out of the sub folder as standard, and have also moved index.php and .htaccess to the root, and changed require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/adoptachild/wp-blog-header.php' ); in the index.php as per the Wordpress docs.  If somebody could tell me what it is I am doing so wrong I would be eternally grateful.  I have done this many times on other themes, so I can only assume its something the DMS isn't happy with.
        Cheers guys