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Blog Title / Meta Bar Reconfiguration

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Hello - 


I am looking for some assistance reconfiguring my blog post header from this (example_1):




To this (example_2):




I assume this is possible given the flexibility of DMS, though I have to admit I am stumped as to how to make it happen.


I know the forum is not here to "design my site for me" however, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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To do something like that would require extensive CSS or rewriting the code in the sections PHP. Either way, this isn't something we can provide assist with. The biggest issue you will encounter isn't the styling of Posted By, Posted In etc.. but the date on the left hand side.

I would recommend you use a child theme, create a child section of the WP-Content/PostLoop section and customize it that way.

Please search our forums, before posting!

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