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    • dawsonbarber
      By dawsonbarber+
      Scratch this topic: the usual way does work. I think I need sleep.
      (Couldn't prefix the topic with iblogpro6 because it's not in the topic prefix dropdown).
      Anyway, I've tried the usual way, with Danny's Skeleton theme, but it's not working.
      Could someone let me know what I need to do?
    • chrisayers
      By chrisayers+
      I downloaded your plugin for Solid Footer. I installed it on 2 websites with same results. It shows up with loading in box after dragging to page but never loads. I deactivated all plug ins and tuned them back on with no better result. I have tried it on a DMS2 and a IBlog theme.
      Perhaps I have a conflict but not sure.
      Thanks Guys
    • darcythe2nd
      By darcythe2nd
      I installed this but am unable to find where I can change the color of the solidfooter to anything other than the original white! Please help!
    • hypman
      By hypman
      I thought i had installed this properly a few days ago but now im not sure as i ve seen 2 versions of frameowrk in my themes. (see image)
      if i activate the multi coloured fromawork theme i see no error messages, but when i activate the other framework theme i see this again:
      Install Error!
      PageLines Framework must be installed in a folder called 'pagelines' to work with child themes and extensions.

      Current path: /home/stopsmok/public_html/ripley-hypnotherapy.co.uk/wp-content/themes/PageLines
      Will the ilblog not run correctly if i ignore this? i cant see nay issues with the theme?
      ps the site is ripley-hypnotherapy.co.uk