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    • jeremyalmeda1
      By jeremyalmeda1
      Hello. I am getting this error. 
      parse error: failed at `add_action( 'pagelines_options_dms_less', array(&$this, 'dms_tools_less') );` line: 1023
      The front end editor stopped working, I googled and found this code (attached) and pasted into DMS Tools options to "fix the Front-End". But now when I try to remove the code I can't save the page? Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for assistance. 
    • julius
      By julius
      I messed u something...
      now I cant access or click the DMS admin bar in front end.
      On dashboard I get this message:
      PageLines Custom LESS/CSS error. parse error: failed at `` line: 1037
      If I try to delete the custom LESS / CSS from dashboard > pagelines > DMS tool,
      that doesn't work (I get a blank white site).
      Anyone knows what I could try?
      Can I delete all my custom css / script via FTP (wich file? didnt find it myself...)
      Or does this mean I must restore the entire site...?